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Digital Power & Motion is a designer and manufacturer of custom electronic controls and embedded systems for industrial equipment OEMs.  We also offer Electrical Engineering Consulting services.  Our flagship product is an AC Induction Motor Control System comprised of Embedded Variable Frequency Drives, Magnetic Encoders, and a Programmable Controller/Sequencer.

Digital Power & Motion is a one-stop-shop for your custom electronic controller needs.  We tailor to Original Equipment Manufacturers needing electronic controls for their own products.  Digital Power & Motion provides an end-to-end solution by:

  • Listening to the Customer to understand their needs.
  • Gaining a thorough understanding of the Customer's product.
  • Performing the system engineering to define the functional requirements.
  • Developing the hardware design from concept to PCB to keypad to enclosure.
  • Writing the software to control the Customer's product.
  • Working with the Customer during the integration and testing phase, often at Customer's site.
  • Working with the Customer to achieve safety and compliance agency approvals.
  • Manufacturing the Customer's electronic controls to the highest quality standards in a timely fashion.

In many cases, Digital Power & Motion can provide a custom engineered solution and quality manufacturing for little or no up-front cost to you.  Call us to find out how this is possible!

Digital Power & Motion uses its extensive experience in Systems Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechanical Design and Graphical Design to provide the Customer with a reliable, cost effective solution to their custom electronic controls needs.  By executing all phases of the project, we see to it that nothing "falls through the cracks" and guarantee the Customer's satisfaction!

The Original Equipment Manufacturer benefits from custom controls by:

  • Getting exactly what is needed, thereby not paying for functionality that is not required.
  • Getting a custom control that matches the "look and feel" of the Customer's product.
  • Getting control circuits that are designed with a degree of robustness not typically found in off-the-shelf solutions.
  • Getting a custom control designed for many years of availability to minimize time wasted due to future controller obsolescence.
  • Getting Digital Power & Motion on board to design and manufacture your new controller!

Digital Power & Motion is excited about the opportunity to discuss your controller needs!  Please contact us soon!