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Electric Valve Actuator

Digital Power & Motion's staff has extensive experience designing and manufacturing Electric Valve Actuators.  Also know as Digital Valve Positioners or Electric Valve Positioners, these devices are utilized to rotate a ball, butterfly, or vane valve under computer control.  We have designed Electric Valve Actuators for low, medium and high torque actuators. 

We designed and manufactured a low torque, multiturn actuator control board for ETI's line of precision valve actuators.  This actuator controller operates a brushed DC motor using position feedback.  A 4-20mA signal is converted to a rotary position between programmable endpoints.  A Proportional Integral Derivative controller (PID) algorithm is employed to continuously update required position.  The digital valve positioner controller is programmed using a laptop via the RS-485 port.

We designed and manufactured a small valve actuator used in oil temperature regulation for Gardner Denver's rotary air compressors.  This electric valve actuator used a unipolar stepper motor and a gearbox to rotate the oil mixing ball valve.  The system used a PID to position the valve for optimal oil temperature regulation.

We designed and manufactured several medium to high torque electric valve actuators distributed by Nibsco.  These SmartStep Precision Electric Actuators used high torque bipolar stepper motors and gear boxes with multistepping controllers to position the valve proportionally between the programmable endpoints based on the 4-20mA command signal.  They were housed in sturdy sand cast aluminum alloy enclosures.