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The Digital Power & Motion Way

Digital Power & Motion is a small company that is huge on customer service.  We are a young company with decades of experience.  Our overhead is low.  We are agile and can respond quickly.  This gives us the ability to get your project done and into production quickly at the lowest possible cost. 

These are the things we believe in:

  • Communication - We will communicate with you in a professional manner.  We will answer your emails and we will return your phone calls in a timely fashion.
  • Honesty - We will be honest with you.  If we make a mistake, which we probably won't, we will alert you before you are able to alert us. 
  • Quality - We don't sleep at night until we have done everything possible to ensure every one of your products will work in the field for longer than the stated design life.
  • Economy - We won't compromise quality by cutting corners in the design to save on recurring costs, but we also won't try to escalate costs for anything you don't want or need.   
  • Service - Our mission is to make the Customer happy.  Here is our secret formula that we use to do so:
    • Give the Customer what they want,
    • when they want it,
    • at a fair price.

Digital Power & Motion is a Limited Liability Company organized in the State of Missouri.  Digital Power & Motion was founded by John Kennington to satisfy his life long dream of owning and operating a company designing and producing electronic widgets.  Though the original dream centered around electronic music products, industrial duty electronic controls has proven to be the practical realization of the dream.  John Kennington has been putting microcontrollers into industrial controllers for 25 years.  See his professional biography here.

 Electronics Assembler at Pick and Place Machine
 Electronics Assembler Adding Some Through-Hole Components