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Variable Frequency Drive Sequencer


VFD Sequencer 

Digital Power & Motion's Sequencer is designed to control a network of Variable Frequency Drives.  Generically speaking though, it is simply a custom Programmable Logic Controller with inputs, outputs, network ports and a user interface.  This version of the controller is characterized by these specifications, though we can make your's different:

  • User Interface
    • 128 x 64 blue graphic LCD display with white LED backlight.
    • Rotary encoder with momentary push switch for user input.  Inspired by Apple's Video iPod's user interface.
    • Hierarchical menu system for intuitive access to process variables and parameters.
  • Network Interfaces:
    • Fully isolated CAN port with 24VDC output and shield connection.  Inspired by the DeviceNet physical layer.  Includes automatic node address assignment - no setting of address switches or jumpers is necessary.
    • Second, non-isolated CAN port for co-located SCADA controllers and/or monitors.
    • USB device port for access to parameters, variables, event histories, etc.  Also useful for program updates.
  • Inputs/Outputs:
    • Ten fully isolated 120VAC digital inputs with LED status indication.
    • Four normally open dry contacts (1FormA) rated 8A @ 250VAC with LED status indication.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • 16-bit Digital Signal Processor for high throughput computing.
    • Real time clock with supercapacitor backup never requires battery replacement.
    • Non-volatile memory for storage of parameters and event history. 
    • Power Input: 100-260VAC 50/60Hz single phase universal input with resettable fuse.
    • Environmental: -20 to 70 °C.
    • Safety Agency Approval:  UL 508 approved.
    • Heavy duty pluggable terminal blocks keyed for proper placement.
    • Polycarbonate graphic overlay with display window customized to the "look and feel" of Customer's product.
    • UL rated heavy duty plastic enclosure.
    • Controller LED status indication through multiple flash codes.
    • 5VDC & 24VDC power LED status indication. 

Watch this User Interface Demonstration video to see the hierarchical menu system in operation!