DPC Model DPC.21.4

The DPC.21.4 has these features:

  • Quantity 21, 12VDC outputs with programmable Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECB) up to 10A each (higher ratings available upon request).
  • Quantity 4, 12VDC digital inputs for monitoring ignition switch, bilge float switches, etc.
  • Noise-immune RS-485 serial network.
  • Simple, open, serial network protocol.
  • ECBs use false trip reduction technology.
  • Light loads are dimmable and can brighten/dim slowly.
  • Battery saver technology turns off loads when battery voltage falls below 10V.
  • Module is reverse-polarity and transient-voltage protected with 3000W transient voltage suppressors.
  • Individual outputs are over-current and over-temperature protected.
  • Rated 40A continuous, 60A intermittent.
  • Sealed Deutsch 40-pin DT series connector.
  • Entire module potted in urethane. IP65 rated.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for control from Smartphone

DPC Model DPC.15.1

The DPC.15.1 has these features:

  • Quantity 15, 12VDC outputs, one input for monitoring the ignition switch
  • See through enclosure for monitoring status LEDs
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for control from Smartphone